PhD seminar

STandUP for winds first PhD seminar in Stockholm September 2018.

Presentations and workshop.

PhD projects within STandUP for Wind

•Wind power trading in electricity markets (Priyanka Shinde)

•Voltage control and reactive power provision (Stefan Stankovic)

•Transmission system optimization (Dina Khastieva)

•Demand response: Flexible consumers in future power system (Lars Herre)

•Dynamic Rating for wind power integration (Kateryna Morozovska)

•Minimization of wind power curtailment (Elis Nycander)

•Development of power grid in Tibet (Fan Zhou)

•Studies of wake from wind turbines (Vitor Gabriel Kleine)

•Vertical axis wind turbines (Victor Mendoza)

•Renewable energy and vertical axis wind turbines (Per Ribbing)

•Noise from vertical axis wind turbines (Aya Aihara)

•Sound propagation from horizontal axis wind turbines (Kristina Conrady)

Outcomes of the workshop

• Review of the reactive power electricity market - new electricity market design with reactive power. (Stefan Stankovic and Dina Khastieva)

• Minimize imbalance settlement costs using demand response (Lars Herre and Priyanka Shinde)

• Possibility of reducing curtailment by unlocking grid capacity with dynamic rating application (Kateryna Morozovska and Elis Nycander)

• Energy demand and wind production forecasts combined with dynamic rating ( Kateryna Morozovska, Lars Herre, Elis Nycander)