STandUP for Wind is a research centre profiled towards planning and establishing wind energy in the Swedish electrical network. The centre is a collaboration between Uppsala University (UU), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Luleå University of Technology (LTU) as part of the government’s strategic STandUP for Energy research area.

The centre has a turnover of approximately 40 million Swedish crowns for it’s research, education and communication activities and involves nearly 70 persons. 

For more information about our eight research areas and our activities follow the topics on the top of this page.


Stefan Ivanell, Professor and Director STandUP for Wind. Uppsala University.

  • Stefan Ivanell, Uppsala University. Professor at Department of Earth Science and Director for STandUP for Wind.

Anders Goude, Associate Professor. Uppsala University.

  • Anders Goude, Uppsala University. Associate Professor at Department of Electrical Engineering.

Annie Nyström, Communicator STandUP for Wind

  • Annie Nyström, Uppsala University. Coordinator at Department of Earth Science. Communicator for STandUP for Wind.


Antonio Segalini, Researcher. Royal Institute of Technology.

  • Antonio Segalini, Uppsala University. Associate Professor at Department of Earth Sciences.


Erik Sahlée, Associate Professor. Uppsala University.

  • Erik Sahlée, Uppsala University. Associate Professor at Department of Earth Sciences.

Kateryna Morozovska, Postdoctoral. Royal Institute of Technology.

  • Kateryna Morozovska, Royal Institute of Technology. Postdoctoral at Department of Electrical Engineering.

Henrik Nordström

  • Henrik Nordström, Royal Institute of Technology, PhD at Department of electric power and energy systems. 

Patrik Fernberg, Professor. Luleå University of Technology.

  • Patrik Fernberg, Luleå University of Technology. Professor at Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics.


Per-Anders Hansson, Professor. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

  • Per-Anders Hansson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Professor at Department of Energy and Technology.



  • Kristina Lindgren - Chair woman, OX2
  • Jenny Longworth - Assistant Chair woman, Rabbalshede Kraft
  • Anna Rutgersson, Uppsala University
  • Dan Henningson, Royal Institution of Technology 
  • Hans Bernhoff,​ Uppsala University
  • Jon Olauson, Svenska Kraftnät
  • Lennart Söder, Royal Institution of Technology 
  • Mats Åbom, Royal Institution of Technology
  • Pelle Bergschöld, Nordex windpower
  • Roland Roberts - representative STandUP for Energy

Last modified: 2023-02-02