STandUP for Wind conducts research with the effort of improving the conditions for planning, establishment and optimization for more wind power into the Swedish electrical system and Swedish conditions. For this research to be of use it is important that it is conducted in collaboration with the industry and our partners. This collaborations helps to ensure that the research relates to questions which are important for the industry as well as permitting the results to more quickly reach them.


Ulf Tollaksen, Head of Business Engineering at OX2
Anders Wickström, Senior Project Manager at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Göran Eriksson, Engineer at Svenska Kraftnät
Sonia Lileo, Turbine Performance & Wind Analysis Manager at Fortum
Ingemar Carlén, Owner at T.G. Teknikgruppen AB
Jenny Longworth, Head of Procurement at Rabbalshede Kraft AB 
Johan Hansson, Wind resource analyst at Arise AB
Stefan Söderberg, Principal Engineer, Energy Systems at DNV
Paul Appelqvist, Senior Specialist Acoustics at Akustikkonsulten


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As part of strengthen cooperation and to narrow the gap between industry and academia, STandUP for Wind offers collaborated seminars. These seminars are tailor-made to suit the respective company and aim to provide added value and mutual research progress by bridging gaps between the industrial approaches and state of the art research techniques. The subjects of the seminars are decided from discussions with representatives from each respective company and suitable researchers from STandUP for Wind.

In the past seminars about wind resource estimations and windfarm blockage have been conducted with leading wind energy companies in Sweden. STandUP for Wind can offer seminars for all our eight research areas.

For more information send an e-mail to Stefan Ivanell, Director STandUP for Wind.


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PhD seminar in Stockholm.
The days included 12 presentations and workshop for PhD projects within STandUP for Wind.
The purpose of arranging a PhD seminar is that the center's doctoral students will have the opportunity to network and find common interests in their research areas for future collaborations.

Pictures of people attending the workshop.
Pictures of people attending the workshop.

Outcomes of the workshop;

• Review of the reactive power electricity market - new electricity market design with reactive power. (Stefan Stankovic and Dina Khastieva)

• Minimize imbalance settlement costs using demand response (Lars Herre and Priyanka Shinde)

• Possibility of reducing curtailment by unlocking grid capacity with dynamic rating application (Kateryna Morozovska and Elis Nycander)

• Energy demand and wind production forecasts combined with dynamic rating ( Kateryna Morozovska, Lars Herre, Elis Nycander)

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VINDKRAFTSKURS.SE is only in Swedish. riktar sig till handläggare i kommuner och länsstyrelser samt till alla som vill lära mer om vindkraft. Syftet med kursen är att öka kunskapen om vindkraft och specifikt om frågeställningar som är aktuella vid tillståndsärenden.

Samtliga delar av kursen är avgiftsfria och du väljer själv när samt i vilken takt du vill genomföra momenten.

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The project "Marknadsföring för vindkrafttekniker - ett samverkansprojekt" which was financed by the Swedish Energy Agency within the former Network for wind Network for Wind Utilization produced an information broschure together with the industry and the vocational traning schools to highlight the need for wind power technicans during the ongoing expansion of wind power both nationally and internationally.

Find out more, read the broschure.

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